Welcome to the website of Zweefvliegclub Flevo

ZC Flevo has been flying since 1972 in the province of Flevoland in The Netherlands. ZC Flevo was one of the first users of Lelystad Aiport. In 1995 we moved to our current location about 2,5 km south of the village of Biddinghuizen. ZC Flevo is a club in which nobody gets paid, not even the instructors. We simply love to fly to enjoy our passion. Gliding is a social activity. It takes four to five people on the ground to get one glider in the air! We have about 90 flying members.


Learning to fly at ZC Flevo

At ZC Flevo everybody flies according to his or her own level. New members who have never flown learn to fly at no additional cost. We will train you with the aim to obtain your Light Aeroplane Pilot Licence (LAPL)/Sailplane Pilot Licence (SPL), starting with our certified instructors in a two-seat glider. Anybody who is 14 years or older can start the training, provided that you have a medical certificate. A certified instructor is available on all flying days. In addition ZC Flevo will provide you with the theoretical courses and examinations that are needed in order to obtain your licence.

For more information on learning to fly please contact secretaris@zcflevo.nl


Experienced pilots

Experienced sailplane pilots can make use of our fleet of high performance gliders, which includes a high performance DG-1000 two-seat aircraft, a Duo Discus XLT and several high performance single-seat sailplanes.

Learning to fly